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All name badges for students will have "Animal Care" under first name.

All name badges for volunteers will have "Volunteer" under first name

Name Badge with Magnetic Back

Plastic Material

The Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College uniform store will be open until June 28, 2024.  Make sure to select "Free Shipping to The Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College" at checkout so you are not charged for shipping.  No refunds or changes after store closes. All sales are final as orders are custom-made to order. Please check size, fit and color carefully to make sure that you are ordering the right item and quantity.  All orders will be shipped to The Teaching Zoo at Moorpark College and will be distributed by staff.  There will be no extra items for purchase after the store closes. If you have any questions about your order, please email Torches Print Shop at or call our office at 704-966-4000. Thank you for your purchase.

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