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With over 25 years of apparel manufacturing and merchandising experience, Torches offers branding and promotional knowledge that provides growth and success to businesses nationwide. Torches was started in 1995 in a small Los Angeles, California facility, but did not take very long to become a large well-respected production company. Over the years torches has won multiple awards for our high quality work servicing music merchandise groups, promotional advertising agencies, restaurant chains and entertainment venues. Relocating to Charlotte, North Carolina, we have become arguably the best screen printing and manufacturing facility on the East Coast.  

What makes Torches different than any other custom branding company is our approach. While being an award winning and well known company, we are committed to being a partner in the overall growth and success of each and every business we service no matter the size. Brand recognition is the lifeblood of any size company and Torches understands that developing products is so much more than just printing a logo on an item. We take the design, the concept, the look, the feel or “the culture” of what the brand is and needs to be personally by giving you the best customer service experience available.  

Here at Torches we are determined to provide a fluent and professional experience for all of our customers. We are confident that our approach will benefit each client with a unique insight on the screen printing and promotional product market that will not disappoint. Our approach:   

What’s Hot – Torches takes pride in staying on top of “What’s Hot” in the retail marketplace.  Having a presence on both the West Coast and East Coast allows us to keep ahead of the latest trends in design, garments, colors and use that information when conceptualizing new ideas.   

Torches Touch- This is the unique approach Torches uses in the development stage for our clients.  The “Torches Touch” creates one of a kind designs and embellishments that make our clients stand out in a crowd.  With over 25 years of development and manufacturing knowledge, we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the merchandise world.  

Fantastic ResultsAre you ready for “Fantastic Results”? Creating top quality products that sell well in the marketplace is what drives Torches.  When you look good, Torches looks good.  From our customer service, to the products out the door, and everything in between, Torches Print Shop continues to be the best, most creative merchandise team around!

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